Different Land.. Different Lodging.. Different Rules.. Different Websites..

Same Group.. Same Family Atmosphere.. Same High Standards..

Visit both sites below to see which fits your needs best!

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Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters

Quick Glance of Differences

When: Oct 11 - Dec 5th

What:  Fishing & Whitetail Hunts

How: Archery ONLY

Land: 1000 Acres

Max: 5 hunters per week

Lodge: 2 bedrooms (double & triple room)

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Ohio WRO

Quick Glance of Differences

When: Sept 27 - Feb 1st

What:  Turkey & Whitetail Hunt

How: Archery & Gun

Land: 4000 Acres

Max: 6 hunters per week

Lodge: 3 bedrooms (single, double & triple rooms)

              3 bathroom