TWO Prime Locations
Trumbull & Carroll Counties, Ohio

 Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters offers Two Prime Locations that are  family-owned and operated in Ohio's Far Northeast Region and Ohio's Appalachian Region. 

Our hunting lodges are located on over 2000 acres of privately-owned  whitetail habitats.

Enjoy the comforts of home at both of  our hunting lodge locations, which offers  free-range whitetail deer hunting experiences.  We offer a five-day archery hunt , 4 day January, Muzzleloader, and spring turkey hunts. Lodging and meals are all included with archery hunts.

Have a pleasant stay at our Carroll Lodge located in the Ohio Appalachian Region, which offers a free-range whitetail Deer hunting experiences at our secluded hunting lodge surrounded by serene lakes, rolling hills, and lush green valleys. We offer five-day whitetail deer hunts, 4 day, January, Muzzleloader,  and three-day Spring turkey hunts.   At The Carroll Lodge we also  offer sleeping quarters in the main lodge or you can stay in a private room at, "The Village". There is also plenty of fishing at our peacefully, scenic lakes.


Our Trumbull Lodge is  located in Ohio's Far Northern Region offers the comforts of home. Located in the middle of  the woods The Trumbull Lodge overs a serene 30 acre lake that offers plenty of fishing.  

We provide permanent tree stands and ground blinds  for all hunts at both locations.

Of course, our goal here at Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters is to provide all our clients with high-quality hunts, an unforgettable stay at one of our lodges, and a memorable experience to share with their family and friends. Take a look at our site and see what you can expect from us here at Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters. Feel free to call us anytime with questions and to directly book a hunt at either location. Remember, space is limited, so hunting outfitters in Ohio are based on a first come, first serve basis—reserve your hunt today. 

We offer, Archery hunting, Muzzleloader hunting & Turkey hunting  experiences from our permanent tree stands and ground blinds. 

Both lodges offer private grounds, sight-in targets and of course,  fire pits.


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Carroll Lodge

Enjoy the great outdoors at our Carroll Lodge You can stay at or main lodge or enjoy the privacy and comfort of a private room at, The Village (call for details), which offers a free range whitetail deer hunting experience at our secluded hunting lodge surrounded by serene lakes, rolling hills and lush green valleys.  Book a 5 day Whitetail Archery Hunt, a four day Janurary muzzleloader hunt,  or a 5 day muzzleloader hunt during Ohio gun season. Archery and gun ranges available for sighting in your weapons. 

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Trumbull Lodge

Enjoy your stay at our Northern Trumbull Lodge location which offers a free range whitetail deer hunting

experience at our secluded hunting lodge that overlooks a serene 30 acre lake with plenty of fish,

 5-day Archery hunt, 4 day, January, Muzzleloader hunt as well as during Ohio Gun Season and

Spring Turkey Hunt. You can hunt from our permanent tree stands and ground blinds,

(food & lodging not included with 4 day, January, Muzzleloader or Turkey Hunts.)

Turkey Hunts in Trumbull County Only.

Archery Hunts
Muzzleloader Hunts
Turkey Hunts