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Welcome to Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters, a great way to hunt Northeast Ohio!  At Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters (OhioWRO) we pride ourselves on the services we deliver.  Our staff is motivated by the opportunity to share hunting experiences, and find satisfaction in offering an enjoyable, unforgettable, and unique hunt.  We will provide you with information and details of your hunt, food and lodging.  We provide a 100% free range chase and we will provide you with photos of our past hunts.  We will continue to protect Ohio WRO’s natural resources and splendor to grow more and larger deer each season.

Owner, Scott Burnett has always enjoyed the great outdoors.  He has 40 years of hunting experience not just in Ohio but across the country.  This experience gave him the opportunity to become familiar with all types of hunting terrain.  During this time he taught many friends and relatives to hunt Whitetail Deer, this was the beginning of Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters.  Team OhioWRO decided to turn their passion for hunting into a thriving Outfitter business and have been providing exceptional outfitting services since 2016.  Team OhioWRO are dedicated hunters themselves.  Our vast knowledge over many years makes Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters the go-to place to hunt in Northeast Ohio!



Scott Burnett

Owner / Guide


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Steve Edwards

Land Specialist


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Jennifer Burnett

Hospitality Manager

Denise Ellis

Finance Manager



David Smith - New York

Great place to get a youth into hunting!  My daughter Grace is 9 and loved every minute of it!  She had an opportunity to fill her Ohio tag but adrenaline got the best of her.  LOL

Great guys, good food and the cabin was awesome, has everything you need. 

Thanks for the great experience!!!

Ricky Horn, Texas

My hunt was one of the best hunts that I've ever been on.  I've hunted Alaska, Canada and a lot of places.  Everything was layed out just right, all I had to do was climb in the stand & make the shot! 

Mark Lawerence - New York

Shot my biggest bow buck!!

Great guys, good food, and a nice place to stay.

We will be back.




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