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Semi-Guided Archery Hunting in Ohio

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There are many reasons to consider semi-guided archery hunting in Ohio at one of the Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters’ incredible hunting lodges. We offer an incredible hunting experiences at our lodge and hunting grounds. Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters provides all our clients with an adventure they’ll remember forever.

For hunters looking to experience the very roots of their sport, archery hunting can provide a challenging alternative to the firearms that have become so common among outfitters. This method of hunting necessitates hunters to use all their skills to successfully get within range of their prey, including patience, focus, hand-eye coordination, and balance. All these are essential to ensure you have a successful hunt.

There are many challenges that set bowhunting apart from firearms, aside from the obvious equipment differences. For one, semi-guided archery hunting requires the hunter to get closer than with firearms. Archery is physically demanding, requiring hunters to steady their own shot while standing up. Bows also require more frequent maintenance than other hunting techniques. But all these challenges only add to the rush of a successful hunt.

When you go archery hunting in Ohio with Ohio Whitetail Ridge Outfitters, our goal is to provide the complete hunting experience. Our private hunting grounds come equipped with tree stands and ground blinds to help provide you with the advantage over your target. We also have archery ranges on-site to help you find your aim before embarking on your journey.

All our grounds come with food plots and baited areas strategically placed to help provide a successful hunt. After drawing blood, every effort will be made to recover your prize with the assistance of a tracking dog. Your kill includes field dressing, a photo with your trophy, and transportation of the animal back to camp. There is also meat processing available from a local company for an additional fee. For more information on our archery package or any of our other amazing hunting experiences, contact us today at (315) 374-8172.

Come and enjoy the great outdoors with us!

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